Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Christmas Fans

A number of years ago (more than I wish to admit) I made this Christmas vest using Marilyn Doheny's 9 degree wedge rulers. I was quite pleased with it and wanted to get it published in McCall's Quilting, but, alas, Marilyn made a fuss and wanted more money than I was going to receive for the right to use the name of her rulers in the directions. You'd think it would give her more sales and make her happy, wouldn't you?

McCall's Quilting was quite pleased with the colors though and asked me to do another Christmas vest in similar colors which they published so all's well that ends well.

For those of you asking for pictures of my latest work, please have patience. I'm almost done with one jacket (just hand sewing the binding left) and have another that I hope to finish this week. Working on one step at a time on 7 jackets has proved to be one of my less-than-wonderful ideas.


Blogger Deborah said...

Lisa, your archives are missing! I was hoping to catch up on your blog. There have been so many problems with blogger lately. Grumble. Beautiful holiday vest!

8:22 PM  

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