Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jonathan's Wedding

I have one sister and she had one child, Jonathan. We went to his wedding in Maine last week and Pierre took a few pictures.

Jake and Elisia clowning around before the wedding.
Jonathan and the pastor who was very funny.
Me, talking to some cousins sitting behind us.

Jake, Elisia and me waiting for the wedding to begin. An outdoor wedding on the coast of Maine is a very chancy thing, but the weather was sunny and perfect if you don't mind a little wind.

The mother of the bride followed by my sister, Cindi and her husband Jim.

The wedding party awaiting the bride. I'm not sure why Pierre didn't get any pictures of Jamie, the bride. Probably because the camera was running low on battery.
The wedding took place at Sebasco Estates, down the peninsula from Bath and quite near Popham if you're familiar with Maine. My great grandfather built the resort including the 9 hole golf course, salt water swimming pool and many of the cottages. It has long since been sold and resold, renovated and re-renovated, but there are parts that still feel like the place I spent so many summers as a girl. It was fun to see it again, especially for such a happy occasion.


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