Sunday, October 07, 2012

October Snowkids

I think we all knew that October was going to be a fun month for the snowman swap.
 Thelma made this block for Dorothy. I love her ribbon wrapped mummy snowman!
 Veronica made this snowman for me. The pumpkins seem to glow!
 Dorothy made these snowmen trick-or-treaters for Marlys. So cute!
 Marlys made this Charlie Brownesque snowman out standing in a pumpkin patch. Thelma is the lucky recipient.
Pat made this witchy snowman for Veronica. I love the kitty.
And I made these trick-or-treaters for Pat. I gave the witch a green nose and the gravestone says "Just Chillin"

Only two more months to go and it will be time to put our snowman quilts together!


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