Sunday, June 01, 2008

Elisia's Senior Prom 2008

My daughter, Elisia, went to her senior prom last night. They had the traditional pre-prom pictures at one of the other kid's house. It looked like something right out of a magazine, it was so beautiful! The kids hammed it up for the camera as you will see.

Pictures were followed by a buffet style dinner put on by the parents. 19 kids went in the Hummer limo so it was a full house! They all had a great time at the prom (outdoors at the world famous San Diego Zoo!) and then went to another house for the after prom party. Elisia came home at 3 am, although I had told her she could spend the night. One of the other parents was bringing kids home so she wasn't out driving that late :-) All in all it was a well organized affair and Elisia had a great time out with her friends. Almost all of them (with the exception of one date) are from the Mt Carmel band :-) I hope she made memories to last a lifetime.

Elisia and 3 of her best girl friends

A wider angle shot so you can see how beautiful it was

The whole gang from an angle
The girls (isn't it amazing how coordinated the dress colors are! It wasn't even planned!)

Elisia and her "just friends" date Kevin

Elisia and Kevin
And one last picture


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