Thursday, May 15, 2008

Even More Sharing

Here is the front of Colleen's jacket And the back

Here is Christine's notebook cover. You'd never know she's a beginner!
Christine's photo memory quilt

Christine's rag Christmas tree
And what am I doing, you ask? I'm plugging along on the Bernina Fashion Show ensemble. The dress is done. The coat and lining are done, just need assembly. I am in the throws of making a hat I've never tried before. I'm so glad I made a muslin mock-up first so I could see how many mistakes I could make! I'm hoping I got them all out of my system and the real thing will go smoothly. The cap part is finished, now I just need to tackle the band and the brim. I don't think it's breaking any rules to tell you that it's a hat known as a Gatsby or newsboy. Are you picturing it? I wish I could show you all, but not until the grand unveiling October 30 in Houston.


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