Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Class Project April 1, 2, 3

No class this week because it's Spring Break for Palomar, but next week we will be finishing the jacket project. I will demonstrate how to make the butterfly blocks and discuss finishing techniques for your jackets or totebags. Please bring to class any strips of 3-D techniques that you have created, as well as your flannel or muslin foundation if you are making the jacket.

Someone asked for my webpage address. Thank you for pointing out that it is not on the sidebar, where it should be. I didn't have a webpage when I created this blog and have long since forgotten how to add something to the sidebar. If you know how, please email me. In the meantime I've added it under the profile section. Just click on my profile and check the contacts area and that should bring it up. It's a rather obvious webpage address: http://www.quilts2wear.com

On the homefront all is quiet. Perhaps, too quiet. My daughter has received 2 acceptances to colleges, but 2 rejection letters as well, one from her first choice college :-( We're still waiting to hear from one more. My son has been noticably absent. No calls, no visits, nothing. His mail is piling up on the table and I know some of it is time sensitive. I just hope he's busy doing something useful. Pierre is back on land again and calls often :-) Emails are great but frustrating, especially with the time difference. I have the whole week off and plan on getting serious work done on my Bernina Fashion Show piece!

See you next week,


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