Friday, March 07, 2008

Clarifications on the Prairie Points with Attitude

For the jacket or the tote I have used too many different terms when writing them up. That's what I get for doing them at different times. For clarification here are the definitions of the fabrics that I will use:

focus fabric (3 yards for jacket, 1 yard for tote): your multi-colored print
main fabric (4-6 one-half yard pieces): the main color in the 3-D strips; use these interchangeably
accent fabric (1 or 2 one-half yard pieces): the accent color (like the knots) on the 3-D strips

For the next 3 weeks you will NOT be using the focus fabric. The 3-D strips are made entirely from the main fabric and the accent fabric.

So that the Prairie Points with Attitude directions conform with these definitions make the following changes:
  • where ever it says accent swap it to main and where ever it says main swap to accent (there are 3 of each term so swap them all).
  • where it says background cross it out and say main

Sorry about the changes. The directions are correct, but confusing because of what I called each fabric. I hope this clarifies things. Please email me if you have any questions.



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