Thursday, February 21, 2008

All Alone

This weekend I will get a taste of the dreaded empty nest. Elisia left this morning for Fresno and the All-State Honor Band practice and performance. I was very fortunate that another parent was willing to take her and couple of the others who made it from our school. She was the only girl from our school so will be rooming with the only girl going from a neighboring school. What is it with girls not being willing to try more difficult things? We had many more boys than girls audition. Elisia will be the only girl tuba player at the "blind auditions" so I told her to "try to walk like a guy", LOL.

I feel so lonely already and she's only been gone a few hours. All this time, no one to bother me... I should be in heaven, right? But I'm feeling blue. So here are a few of pictures of her.
Now, should I watch Project Runway or work on my Bernina ensemble?


Blogger Jennifer said...

I vote for project runway followed by the Bernina Ensemble. Maybe you will find added inspiration.

8:35 AM  

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