Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jacket Pattern

For those who asked, my jacket pattern is something I've created over the years, modifying and changing it as my body changed. If it fits you I don't mind if you trace off a copy. If not here is a commercial pattern that should work with a few minor changes: McCall's 4309 view C. You will not be adding the patch pockets on the front and I wouldn't suggest trying the collar unless you are an experienced seamstress. Also the side seams end in a scalloped vent. Remove that by cutting it at a 90 degree angle. You may leave the scalloped front edge of the jacket, but the side seam scallop will make it very difficult to bind. If you still want a side vent leave it open a few inches when you sew up the side seam, as I do on my jacket. Alternatively you may sew it all the way down.

If you have another jacket pattern that you prefer that's fine. Just make sure it has only 3 pattern pieces (front, back and sleeve) and no darts or princess seams.

Whatever you choose, if it is a pattern you've never made before I highly recommend making it up quickly using cheap fabric just to make sure it fits. Who wants to put a lot of time and effort into making something that fits badly? If you think you may need to alter the pattern just baste the seams to make changes easier.



Blogger Ellen November said...

I was able to order McCall's 4309 pattern directly from the McCall's website even though it is discontinued.

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