Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Round Robins Unveiled

Okay, so these are not technically round robins since I did almost all the actual sewing myself, but these were design exercises from the fall class. I started with a center block and a selection of fabrics and asked the classes to design them. We discussed them in class and I went home and selected what I felt were the best suggestions (or at least the techniques I knew how to do!) Here are the results: This quilt began with a thread painted tree on a rainbow pieced background. I found it a challenge (and I think the students did also) to work on a piece that had little value difference with the exception of the dark blue.

This quilt began with a paper-pieced Mariner's Compass done in autumn colors. This was probably the easiest project since we had both value and color to play with.

This round robin began with a paper-pieced block donated by one of my students. I didn't have any of the fabrics, but did my best to find substitutes. Obviously this quilt was an exercise in value and is my favorite.
Each quilt had the same format: a strong center block, a border, turned on point with applique added, another border all the way around and finally a border added to only the top and bottom of each quilt to make them rectangular. I'm pleased with the results and the classes seeemed to enjoy discussing them so I think we'll repeat the exercise again, perhaps next fall.
I hope you like them!


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