Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 25th Update

Just an update on what's going on. Wendy and I are both home now. Wendy stayed home, but the kids and I were evacuated (why is Pierre always away when we really need him ?!). Everything is fine and we are home and even unpacked although we're still keeping our eyes on the news.

As far as class goes, Palomar cancelled classes for the entire week. Wendy and I are hoping to get back to teaching next Tuesday for the regular teaching schedule and locations, but we haven't heard how things went in Escondido. I think OASIS (and North County Fair) is still there, and I'm hoping the same can be said for Quilter's Paradise and Bits and Pieces.

Check back again on Monday once things have settled down a bit and we know more info. Obviously the schedule on the syllabus will need some readjusting so who knows what we'll teach next week, but it will be great to see each and every one of one and to know that you are all right.

On a sadder note, we've heard that Mary Tabar lost her house and almost everything in it. Our hearts go out to her. If you know of any of our students who are in similar straights please let us know.

Take care and hope to see you next week,


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