Monday, March 03, 2008

Cindi's First Fashion Show

I have one sister, Cindi, and she still lives in Maine. She is not a quilter, but a knitter (hey, that's almost as good, right?). Recently she entered something into a fashion show in Maine and she modeled it herself. She was such a good model that she ended up modeling some other people's garments as well. Here are a few pictures:
Here is Cindi getting her hair done before the show.
And here she is wearing a very cool poncho that someone else made. I wish I could tell if those circles are knitted or felted. Don't you just love the colors?
This is Cindi wearing a fabulous ensemble made by someone else. I think the colors are quite striking on her and she should get to keep it. :-)

Here's Cindi wearing the sweater she made herself and her pug, Lucy, wearing a matching sweater. I'm not sure why Lucy is going the other way. Probably she wanted to make sure she said hello to everyone!

If you want to see more pictures from the show here's the blog I found these pictures on:


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