Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Stuff (warning: rant)

I've discovered that it's very hard to be creative when there are problems you have to deal with. My husband is so sweet; he wanted Jake to get a new car so they did the guy thing and went car shopping together and found a great used car. Then Jake applied for a loan and couldn't get enough for the car. He's only 19 and just out on his own with only two part-time jobs, although they pay well. So Pierre decided to get the loan with Jake as a co-signer. I told him I didn't like the idea since I've heard of so many people getting burned that way. I was over-ruled.

Well, I'm sure you can see where this is going. Jake's first car payment was due this month and it didn't get paid. Pierre is overseas so guess who gets to deal with it?!

Jake has online bill paying (he's very technologically oriented) and signed up to have it paid the day before it was due, but nothing happened. He, being young and naive about life in general, didn't check, insisted that he had paid it, but I could see that it had not been paid. I finally convinced him to check online and what-do-ya-know the money was still in his account! No idea what happened, but he says he paid it again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually go through this time.

The really annoying part is that Jake would not answer my phone calls and messages all week. He is a first child and very bright. Hence it is really difficult for him to admit that he's not sure about something or even, heaven forbid!, wrong. I finally resorted to stopping by his work and talking to him there. Not fun. I was shaking the whole time. I really dislike dealing with things like this, (hey, I'm a first child, also), and it basically ruined my whole week. Instead of sewing or doing anything creative I've been not sleeping well, reading, playing stupid computer games (can you believe I'd play a game called Spandex Force, LOL) and watching movies (August Rush was great!). In other words I've been escaping from thinking.

Bernina is looming over my head more and more so I need to get my head back in the right mode of thinking and get to work. Right after I finish the next level of the computer game ;-)

Hope your week has been problem free!


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