Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sleepless Night

Here I am up in the middle of the night again. I guess I'm just getting to "that age" when we stop needing quite as much sleep, but I've also got a sore throat. I went to the clinic yesterday to see if it was strep (okay let me put this as nicely as I can: free medical clinic because Pierre is in the military and you get what you pay for; absolutely appalling service, don't get me started), but she assured me I do not have strep, I have seasonal allergies. Argh! I don't want more allergies!

So I'm watching The Quilt Show episode about the fabric challenge (I love that sort of thing!) and brainstorming about the spring semester. I know I only have one project actually done for fall, but I have everything planned... I wonder what other people do when they're home alone and can't sleep. I know better than to try to quilt. I am just not a night person and end up ripping more than sewing.

Pierre called from Bahrain last night to catch up. He has spoken to his detailer and the big boss guy in charge of all the Supply Corps (don't you just love my grasp of those technical military terms?!) and he now knows where he's going next summer when he returns from Bahrain. I'm not going to say where just yet (I don't want to jinx us as these things can change and have changed on us before), but if you ask me nicely in class I'll tell you.

I started a new jacket and I'm really excited about the colors. Sometimes when I make a new jacket it's with the idea of teaching it or maybe some day making into a pattern, but this one's just for me. I love love love the colors I've chosen and hope it turns out as artsy and fun as I picture it in my mind.

Time to try to get back to sleep,


Blogger Corky said...

I hear you on Military medical care. My son once went around for 10 days with a broken wrist that they said was just sprained until someone reread the x-ray and discovered it was really broken. Then because it was a Friday afternoon they wanted me to wait until Monday to bring him in for casting - um...I don't think so!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Miles Johnson said...

Isn't life in or near the military fun? Our youngest son is in the Navy due to be deployed this December. Sadly, for the following two years our DIL will be taking the grandkids to New York to live with her parents while he's away.

Anywho- There are some beautiful pieces down there with tons of bold color. I love color- and use it gratuitously throughout most of my work. Glad I came across your blog! Thank you for sharing!!!

10:45 AM  

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