Monday, September 29, 2008

Warning: Whinge Ahead

Last week was an awful week and this week isn't starting out much better. Early last week one of my son's dear friends died of a pulmonary embollism. They went to the prom "as friends" his freshman and sophomore years. He called her his "mom" because she was always looking out for him. So sad, especially since it was so sudden.

Then I lost one class and will most likely lose another this week due to cutbacks. Still another is in jeopardy. I'm beginning to feel like this economic downturn is trying to tell me something. I don't need the money and maybe I should let those who really need the money keep their jobs. All the harrassment and pressure about numbers is very discouraging and make it hard to remain creative.

On Saturday I missed two calls from my husband and now he's out of the country and can't be reached. Naturally we developed an unknown leak on Sunday (when else?!) with a wet rug in the upstairs hallway. It was outside the bathroom, but that seemed completely dry. Elisia and I hunted and hunted for the leak and we thought we'd turned off the water, but when they replumbed the house apparently they by-passed the shut off valve we used so it continued to leak. I finally got someone out here and it's drying up, but some wall board will have to come out and the bathroom floor will need replacing.

Where do you think the leak was? In the attic crawl space! Who would have thought there were pipes up there? And we never thought of looking up. I guess it came down through the wall. Weird. You learn something new every day. At least we caught it fairly quickly and it didn't go through to the first floor ceiling.

Now I'm not sure what to do because Pierre usually handles the fix-it jobs. He's really handy and I'm sure he'd choose to do it himself if he could. So I need to decide if I can live with a ripped out bathroom floor until he comes for a visit in March/April or should I have some unknown contractor come it. The bathroom isn't used much, just by my daughter when she's home on weekends and she could share my bathroom since it's just the two of us. I was just thinking about repainting the bathroom anyway so the timing is fortuitous, but still...

And today I have a migraine. Is it any wonder?

But on the positive side I've gotten some new bookings for my fashion shows and I have 2 new jacket ideas to work on. I finished Trickles and I love it! (Sorry I can't show you a picture, but i have plans for it!) I'm binding another jacket that is still nameless (honestly I ought to start naming these before I make them!). I have one old jacket all taken apart that I need to reline. I'm hoping to start work on a new jacket pattern soon and plan to multi size the new pattern as well as my favorite. And I finished a wall hanging inspired by an exercise done in a new art quilt group. I'll try to get a picture of it soon to post.

The best news is that my baby sister is coming for her first ever visit to California this weekend! I hope the weather is its usually sunny self. We have lots of ideas of places to visit, including Pug Nationals in Ontario. So I'm going to try to concentrate on the positive this week and let the rest slide off.


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