Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Eleventh Sharing and Elisia Update

Suzy's beach towel bagSuzy's Nine Month Nine-Patch
Ruth's darling apron
Ruth's photo album cover

Ruth's Sahara Collection quilt

My daughter, Elisia, left yesterday for college so I'm officially an empty nester now. Never mind that she called me before she even arrived (she took a wrong turn and was slightly lost... hey at least she had sense to ask for directions!) and again last night (to assure me that she got into the hotel all right). Yes, she's staying in a hotel for a couple of days because she still hasn't gotten housing. She's 5th on the waiting list and we're still hoping she'll get in by next weekend. If not we'll bow to the inevitable and find someone looking for a roommate off campus.
She also called me twice this morning :-) Once to ask if she should take the check to the desk at the restaurant or wait where she was and once again to tell me about her first 2 classes: pre-calc which she is dropping for a lower math (the teacher walked in and said if they weren't planning on continuing on to calculus they shouldn't be in his class) and Harmony which she said was very interesting, but the review covered what little she already knows plus a bit more!
Tonight she has a placement audition. There are 10 tuba students and as a freshman she'll be up against a lot of competition. I have my fingers crossed for her! Good thing she's auditioned so many times by now that she shouldn't get nervous.


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