Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fifth Sharing

Jeralyn's daisy quilt, just back from the quilters Jeralyn's purse
Jeralyn's experimenting with Shiva paintsticks

Jeralyn's beach towel bag

Jeralyn's guest towels

Jeralyn's experiments with paint on fabric

Yay Jeralyn! It always makes me feel so good when students bring everthing they've finished over the course of the class. I know we've seen them before, but this way more people can see them including the students in my other classes.
On a side note Elisia leaves for college this Saturday, we hope. She still hasn't gotten housing, but she's 7th on the waiting list, down from her original 372nd place! We both have our fingers crossed that something will come up before school starts so she can move in on Saturday along with everyone else. Classes start next Tuesday and it will be along commute if she dosn't get housing although they assured me that rooms often open up after school starts. Keep good thoughts for her and for me; I'm going to miss her!


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