Friday, August 01, 2008

Photo Album with Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Next week we will be working on the To Be Announced Project: dressing up an old photo album. In class I will be demonstrating silk ribbon embroidery. Since most of us learn best by doing I am suggesting that you bring the following items to class so that you may participate in a hands on lesson: a small piece of fabric (at least 5" x 5"), silk ribbon (preferably 4mm, but we'll work with whatever you have), embroidery floss to match your silk ribbon, scissors and a large eyed needle with a fairly blunt tip (you need to be able to thread your silk ribbon in the needle without the ribbon folding.) If you prefer to work in a hoop you're welcome to bring one.

Only two more weeks in the summer semester so I will also be bringing rollover paperwork for those interested in attending the fall class which starts September 9,10,11.


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