Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eighth Sharing

Norma made this pretty bag using the "wrong" side of the tapestry fabric
Norma made this big bag

Nellie Ann made this quilt from a pattern she found in Quilter's World called X-Block

Nellie Ann made this quilt called Arkansas Crossroads

Monica made stuffed animals to sell before she got into quilting

Michelle made this bag with a picture of her rabbit Georgie

I went to the San Diego Quilt Show on Thursday and had a great time. Yes, it's not a huge show, but my feet were sore by the time I'd seen everyone and everything. I hope that if you went you had a chance to see Micky Lawler's demo. Well worth the price of admission! If you haven't been yet, Saturday is the last day so don't miss out.
It was fun seeing students, quilts by many people I know, a few quilts from my class and a number of jackets! And of course the vendors are always worth visiting :-)
On another note, my daughter was supposed to leave for college this morning, but she didn't get into housing. She has moved from 372 on the waiting list to 5, but no luck so far. The poor thing will be commuting for the first week and we hope there are at least 5 no shows or we will be spending next weekend apartment hunting. The poor thing didn't need this stress on top of all her worries about going away to college and her placement audition, etc. I feel like a terrible mom, but who knew you should apply for housing at the same time you apply to the college? So what if I'd have lost $50 if she didn't decide to go to that school, it would have been worth it to avoid this hassle. Oh well, live and learn. The plus side is that I won't be alone quite yet!


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