Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ideas For Change

I feel like I'm stagnating and need a change so I started dreaming up ways I could challenge myself. Here are a few of my ideas:
  • Work through one of the many wonderful books I've purchased and done nothing with (Ricky Tims' Rhapsody book, Colleen Wise's book and Norah McMeeking's Bella all come to mind)
  • Journal quilting has been a fad of the past few years, but I never participated. Now that my kids are gone and my husband is away, now may be the time!
  • A monthly challenge based on a different interpretation of a consistent theme (interpret a theme as a closeup, a grouping, through a fog, line drawing or quilting design only, a la Andy Warhol, etc.)
  • Work through the 9-patch of design as stated in Katie Pasquini Masopust's design book
  • Play days to share and explore working with unusual materials and techniques

Anyone else have any great ideas? Please share them with me!

I would dearly love to find a group to work with that would help me to stretch myself as a quilter and as an artist. I've been a member of several start-up critique groups and it seems like we get together once or twice and it starts out well, then falls apart. I am the only one who completes the projects (yes, I am a project-oriented person) and due to lack of participation the group falls apart. I realize that some people are more process-oriented, but the groups keep falling apart without results. Am I the only one out there who wants a small group to share the journey?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A couple of your ideas can be combined. The journal page once a month trying a different technique or material. It's small so it wouldn't take more than an afternoon. Pick one day, like the 15th, and mark it on the calendar. It's the day you HAVE to do this!
Another idea... you know all those wonderful stitches these sewing machines can do, but we never try them? Take a day, sandwich fabric and batting, preferable plain fabric so you can write on what stitch and what the stitch length is.. and make a sampler of the stitches that your machine has. I did that once (can't find that thing anywhere), but you would be surprised at the different sizes of the actual stitches. It was fun to give myself permission to do something. Then have some chocolate! Patty.

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