Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Again

I made it home, finally. Two hours late because of delays, but I'm here :-)

I really don't like to fly. It's not that I'm afraid or anything, but I'm not very good at sitting around waiting and it seems like that's all you do! You check in and then you wait. You get on board and then you wait. You take off (finally after de-icing in both Amsterdam and Detroit) and you wait a loooong time to get to your destination. Then you wait to get off. Then you find your next gate and do it all again. Three flights, 34 hours, no more sleep than a few 30 minute naps here and there and worst of all no shower! I can't wait until the days of Star Trek type transporters!

The last day I was in Bahrain I treated myself to some henna. I found a great place called Rachna's Henna Saloon. (Don't ask me why it was a saloon; there certainly wasn't any liquor there!) Let me know if you're going to Bahrain and I can give you great directions, LOL. No men allowed, ladies only :-)

It's not normally done on the underside of the arm like this, but I've had it done before on the backs of my hands and it somehow really emphasizes every little wrinkle and my wrinkles are no longer tiny! Why is it that my hands look at least 10 years older than the rest of me?!

Anyway here it is. Don't you just love it! She put it on using a squeeze bag just like you'd decorate a cake. When she finished it looked like someone had drawn on me using mud. You let it dry for at least 4 hours (this is the hardest part!) then brush off the mud to find your skin stained orange below every line and dot. Overnight it darkens to a nice brown. It should last at least 2 weeks, maybe more, then will fade away. I wish I could find someone here that does it because I think it's great fun. I love the designs they use (it's totally freeform and you never get the same thing twice) and the idea that it's not permanent or painful (no tattoos for me, thanks!)

I wish there was a better picture, but it was really hard to take a picture one handed. My camera just wasn't made for that sort of thing.


Blogger JulieZS said...

That's beautiful! I've had henna done a couple times it is really relaxing and fun to do.

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