Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Joys of Travel

I'm here! I left Tuesday around noon and arrived Thursday around noon. 48 hours of traveling is not my cup of tea, but I made it. I was supposed to arrive last night, but my flight from Amsterdam to Bahrain was cancelled and I had to reroute through Dubai.

That left me with 7+ hours in Amsterdam and nothing to do. I wish I could say I did something really wonderful, but to be honest mostly I walked up and down through the various terminals. I wasn't lost or anything, I was trying to stay awake. I didn't get more than and hour or two of cramped sleep on the plane the night before and I was so tired I couldn't even think straight! I didn't even have enough brain power to figure out how to change my dollars into euros so I didn't buy anything either. All that lovely duty free merchandise...

But I'm in Bahrain now. I've showered and feel like a new person. Going 48 hours without showering is pure torture! First impresions the island has changed a lot. I used to know my way around, but I'm totally lost with flashes of "oh yeah". Right now I'm going to take a nap because Pierre and I are having dinner out with friends tonight. More later!

P.S. Sorry about the funky typing, but the keyboard is full of Arabic script as well as the usual letters and symbols and I'm not a proficient typist at the best of times :-)


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