Friday, May 29, 2009

San Diego Quilt Show Deadline

This is a reminder to all who live in the San Diego area. The deadline for entering your quilts and wearable art is fast approaching. Entries must be in by June 6. Remember that the piece does not have to be finished to enter it, just make sure it's finished by show time!

To find out more info go to:

This is a non-juried show and they are always looking for more wearable art in particular! You do have to drop off your quilt/wearable at Rosie's (Gosh, what a hardship! A trip to Rosie's!) on the specified date and pick it up at the same place after the show. If this is a real hardship for any of my students just let me know since I will be going down with my entry.

I hope to see your quilts and wearables at the show!


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