Friday, March 18, 2011

A Pillow!

I don't normally make pillows, but I needed something for the library. This matches the red couch and brings in the colors from the rug. In creating the design I took a 16" square of paper and divided it into eighths by drawing a horizontal line, a vertical line and 2 diagonal lines all passing through the center. Then I drew a design in only one of the eighths. I took it to my lightbox and traced it onto the other 7 areas. This way I got the symmetry I wanted without having to draw each side equally.

I fused the fabric in place and covered the raw edges with a double buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine. So quick and easy I think I'll make a few more!

I'm entering it into the Blogger's Pillow Party because she's the one who inspired me to get this done. Check it out!

Blogger's Pillow Party



Blogger Rachel Hauser said...

Thanks for entering the pillow party =)

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