Friday, March 04, 2011


I have been working on other things besides the Whisper Quilts projects. (Yes, there were two sets of Whisper Quilts and I will post the other set starting Monday.)

I find it nearly impossible to watch most television shows without something else to occupy me. I generally have a handwork project (or two or three) ongoing and occasionally I finish one. Botanica is the result of one such project.

I took a class from Leora Raikin and fell in love with the threads she sells. I also rediscovered my love for hand embroidery. I started playing around with the idea of a jacket and here is the result. It doesn't look much like Leora's work because, for one thing, I didn't put it on a black background. While I agree it looks great on black I have enough black jackets already and it is not my best color. So I shopped around for a neutral background and this is what I chose.
Another reason it doesn't look like her work is that I used different designs. I have a large number of Dover copyright free booklets and so I selected some flowers that had a scale appropriate for a jacket.
(Have you noticed that my mannequin looks a bit canted forward? I'm not sure why, perhaps trauma from so many moves, poor dear. Oh well, you get the idea, right?)

Finally a closeup. The whipped running stitch between the flower designs covers the seams since I made each flower type on a separate piece of fabric. I hope you like it!


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