Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whisper Quilt

Finally I can show one of my Whisper quilts! One of the groups finished yesterday. Congrats to all and I hope you enjoy your winner's prizes.

You don't know what a Whisper quilt is? Well here's the idea: one person starts (that would be me in this case), creating a small quilt (our quiltlets all had to be 12" x 12") on whatever theme they want. I chose to make this manta ray, based on a Sylvia Pippin sashiko design. The manta itself is created using the turned-edge freezer paper and starch method and then invisible zigzag appliqued to a background fabric that reminded me of seaweed. Using a home made stencil from freezer paper (goodness I go through a lot of that stuff!) I stenciled the designs on the manta using a Stewart Gill paint called Seafoam. I quilted the entire thing using iridescent Sliver thread.

Then I passed it on to Marlys. I didn't tell her what it was, just handed it to her. She looked at it, pondered and created her quiltlet using mine as inspiration. Then she returned mine to me and passed hers on to the next person.

We also wrote down our thought processes as we went so others could see how we arrived at where we were. Definitely a good idea, LOL.

I will show more of them in the next several blog posts. Wait until you see what happened!


P. S. My manta quilt's name is Opel. Anyone know why?


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