Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am NOT political and I rarely read the news, but when I read about what is happening in Bahrain today I had to say something.

We lived in Bahrain for 2 years from 1997-1999 and my husband lived there again for a year recently (2009) so of course I visited him.

Bahrain is a fascinating place full of culture and exotic sights and sounds. Not necessarily all beautiful sights, but I think everyone should get a chance to experience a place like this. It changes your perspective.

I am saddened to see the unrest and most especially to see the government's reaction to it. Pearl Square (or the Pearl Roundabout as we called it) is the largest and best known of the many many traffic circles in Bahrain. (Personally I think they're a really great way of avoiding traffic lights, but they take some getting used to.) The thought of tanks and soldiers in that area makes me so sad.

While we were in Bahrain there were protests against the government and we had to be careful where we, as Americans, went. Small villages were off-limits, but you could still occasionally see the results of a bomb from the previous night on the main roads. But that was nothing compared to the large uprising that is taking place there now.

I only hope that it will get better soon, but I'm afraid that it will not. When we lived there we saw so many people living in extremely poor circumstances and heard of many government injustices and it has not gotten better.

Please keep the Arabic people of Bahrain, whether Sunni or Shi'ite in your thoughts and prayers. I hope they can find a peaceful settlement that both sides can live with.



Blogger mtabar said...

Hi Lisa, I was not sure if you were still blogging, nice to see your work. Yes it is a problem in the middle east-Lebanon is trying to elect people to run the country, and it has almost caused a civil war-so sad. Hope to see you in April-

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