Friday, February 11, 2011

Steps in Quilting: Sewing

Okay, truth time. How many of you remember to change your sewing machine needle and clean and oil your sewing machine regularly? And the yearly tune up?

I am pretty good about cleaning my machine. I always clean it after finishing a project and before free motion quilting. Of course it can be months between project completions, but I remember to clean and oil my work horse other times, as well.

Changing needles not so much. I tend to wait until they break or I hear that popping sound they make when they're getting really dull.

And yes, my machine is overdue for a yearly check up.

What else can I say about sewing a quilt? It can be tedious at times, but it can also be relaxing and soothing. It all depends on your mind set and your schedule. If you find yourself not sewing because it seems monotonous I recommend having sewing days with a friend. You might not work as fast, but the time will pass more quickly and you will work longer.

Another option? Try listening to music you love to sing along with or to a really good book on tape. I listen to books all the time while sewing and I can't break away from the project when it's a really good book!



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