Monday, February 07, 2011

Steps in Quilting: Fabric Selection

I know that for many people fabric selection comes before this, but I like to select my fabric after I've decided on a pattern and drafted it so I have at least an inkling of how much of each fabric I will need. No, I'm not one of those people who figure everything out exactly as far as fabric requirements, but it's nice to have an idea...

Digging through my stash for the perfect fabric is always fun, if exhausting. I mean hauling out all those boxes of fabric to find the perfect one is quite a workout! I am on a kick lately to use what I have, if possible. Perhaps it's a feeling of my own mortality, but I could probably go for the rest of my life without buying more and still not run out. I am a stickler for finding the exactly right colors though so if I don't find what I need in my stash I am willing (eager even!) to run to the quilt store and purchase more.

I adore putting fabrics together. Sometimes I think there would be nothing more fun than to work in a fabric store and help others select fabrics, but then I realize how expensive it would be to be so close to all that yummy fabric and common sense takes over. It would seriously cut down on my sewing time, too.

Yes, fabric selection is another favorite step on my road to creating a new quilt or jacket. How about you? Do you dread fabric selection? Do you prefer to buy kits or jelly rolls to avoid it? Or is it fun, fun, fun to consider all those yummy possibilities?



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