Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Where do you find inspiration? Of course it's all around you if you know where to look, but I often find mine in unusual places. Naturally I go shopping to see the latest color trends. And I watch what people wear, especially when they're "dressed up" (okay southern California doesn't really dress up, but I look at what passes for it).

And I occasionally surf the web to see what's out there. I have to admit I don't do this as much because I once made a jacket which I thought was an original design, only to see it later online. It was EXACTLY the same, even the colors. Obviously I had seen it and subconsciously copied it. I don't want to do that again!

Thanks to my son I read manga and watch anime where I see many unusual designs in the costuming. Another unusual source of inspiration comes from higher end video games. I play World of Warcraft because I enjoy it, but while I'm there nothing says I can get costume, line and color ideas. And have you ever seen the designs in Glyph? Amazing!

I'd love to hear where you get your ideas, whether they're for colors, quilt blocks, applique or whatever.



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