Monday, January 17, 2011

Program Chairs Who Go the Extra Mile

I've been presenting fashion shows at quilt guilds, women's groups, ASG meeting etc. for a while now and looking back I've had a great time with all the groups. However, a few stand out as exceptional in my mind, so I thought I'd post about what makes things extra special for a teacher coming to present to your group.

Communication is so important! Bookings, contracts, etc. are all necessary, but the groups that go the extra mile with written directions (or at least the address of the meeting), suggestions of what to see in their area (favorite quilt shops!) and quick e-mail to confirm everything one month in advance, these are the ones that really win a smile. And a cell phone contact number is always a good idea.

Thoughtfulness is always appreciated. Watch for the speaker and greet her when she arrives, direct her to a reserved parking space if she has a lot to unload, have water available, let her know where in the program her talk will come, save her a seat. All these things are appreciated.

Show enthusiasm for her program. Yes, she was probably booked by the previous programs chair and the subject might not be quite your thing, but don't assume you're not going to enjoy it or learn anything new. I've never been to a program where I learned nothing!

Being a programs chair is a big job and we appreciate that they are volunteers, but just going a little bit further will make your guild one of the high points.



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