Friday, January 07, 2011


I love to take classes. I love to learn new things. I guess I'm just not very patient because when I sign up for a class I want it to start right away. I'm taking a class tomorrow that I signed up for back in September. That's so long ago I wonder what it was about this class I was interested in, LOL. Oh well, it will be fun and I'll learn something totally new. It's not a quilting class, but you can bet I'll be wondering if there's a way I can reinterpret it in a jacket.

I also love teaching classes. It doesn't matter if it's a new class or one I've taught 20 times before. I ALWAYS learn something new from my students.

I will be teaching a class on Angelina fibers, foiling, etc called All That Glitters at Road to California in a few weeks. And I have a workshop called Curves coming up in April in Fallbrook where students choose from 4 projects. It gets a bit hectic, but it's a blast!

Taking classes, teaching classes, life is all about learning!



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