Thursday, January 06, 2011


My sister, Cindi, raises pugs and her Raisin just had a litter. They are sooo cute I just had to share a few pictures.
Here's the mama, Raisin, in her beauty shot :-)

And Raisin enjoying the out-of-doors in Maine

And here are the little puppies just a day old. (They're actually quite black and shiny, but the lighting put the colors off.) Aren't they just adorable?

A closeup of one of the little snugglers

And another closeup
I don't see how Cindi could sell the little sweeties, four girls and one very spoiled boy, but that's the plan. Raisin and the father (do you still call him that when a doctor did the impregnation?), are pedigreed show dogs so these are extra special pups!


Blogger Barbara said...

I've never seen baby pugs before - they are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

12:41 PM  

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