Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PIQF and Mattress Rant

I had a terrific time at PIQF last week! I saw lots of inspirational quilts, picked up a few new ideas at vendor demos and I did my part for the economy :-) My favorite purchase was some deColourant, a new product that discharges and adds new color at the same time. Very cool! But it's always good to be home again.

Of course one of the best things about being home is getting to sleep in your own bed. That hasn't been very pleasant lately. We purchased a Sleep Number mattress and it is HORRIBLE! My back, which hasn't given me trouble in years, has been very sore no matter what number the mattress was set at.

We both tried harder and softer for multiple nights, but nothing worked. So we called within the 30 days to return it and THEY WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK! At least not until we'd tried it the full 30 days. Argh! More torture! Now we finally have a new mattress (we couldn't wait to get rid of the Sleep Number mattress) but we're still waiting for them to come get it. So it sits in the way of everything. And we have to pay to have them pick it up! I can't believe what a rip off this has been.

Oh well, enough of my rant. My back is feeling better already and as soon as I get these workmen out of my studio (we're getting the UV film put on the windows) I can get back to sewing!



Blogger pirate said...

Wasn't PIQF awesome? I always come back home filled with incredible inspiration and simultaneously feeling annoyed that I can't do everything NOW! :-)

Sorry to hear about your problems with your Sleep Number bed. We've had one for over 25 years (when it was called Sleep Comfort .. but it's the same thing) and it is absolutely, positively the BEST bed I've ever slept in.

But you had to pay for them to pick it up?? Now that's outrageous. VERY poor customer relations.

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