Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Forest Echoes

Some friends have been giving me grief about me not posting on my blog so here I am again. I have to admit to having been bogged down by UFOs. I really wanted to finish a jacket I started approximately 12 years ago. I thought it still had potential so I'd kept it in my "I'll get to it some day" pile. That's actually a fairly small pile in my case because I do like to finish things :-)

After spending the last month doing anything I could think of to avoid working on it (yes, I made a small amount of progress, but I wasn't happy with the results) I finally admitted to myself that it wasn't working. I stepped back, analyzed it and kept the parts, but to be used in different projects and have started something new with the background. On the positive side, my house is much cleaner due to all the procrastinating I've done.

I have a number of fashion shows and workshops coming up and discovered that I needed multiple jackets and tote bags to be able to send out for workshop samples. Here's my latest rendition of Echoes of the East. I'm calling this one Forest Echoes.

front view
back view
side view
I particularly like the way the design morphs as it climbs the sleeve. A happy accident!
I'm going to count this jacket as a success after the compliments I received when I went shopping for a shirt to wear under it. I had on a boring cream colored turtleneck as I perused the racks at nearby upscale shops. Nevertheless at least 5 different sales ladies (those who have never deigned to notice me before, especially when I needed help) complimented me on my jacket. I'm sure not one of them realized I had made it myself.


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