Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whisper Quilts

A year or more ago Quilting Arts published an article on Whisper Quilts. A group of friends in my quilt class made them and we were all so charmed we decided to start a whisper quilt by interested member of the class.

After passing around a sign up sheet we discovered there were too many people interested for one group so we have 2 whisper quilts in progress. I started both of them and chose to make different starter quilts. A size of 12" x 12" was determined because people felt that it was small enough they could get it done in a month or less. Also the square size removed any orientation questions.

What IS a whisper quilt you ask? Briefly it's like the game of whisper (or telephone as we called it). One person starts by making a quilt and passing it on to the next person without showing it to anyone else or discussing it with the first recipient. They use that first quilt as inspiration to make their own quilt. Once done they return the first quilt to its maker and pass only their own quilt to the next person.

The interest is in how things change along the way. Just like in the game, what you start out with: Grandma is wearing a red hat, may change drastically: Panthers are hearing baby chicks.

Only time will tell. I took pictures of my quilts before they left and they have been returned so things are progressing, but there are still others working on their quilts so I can't show yet. Wish I could!



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