Friday, January 14, 2011

Jacket "Seeds"

One of the gifts my thoughtful husband gave me this Christmas was a gift certificate to Rosie's. I decided to select some fabrics to stretch myself. We all get into ruts and I was falling into the same trap. I kept thinking of making jackets that were no more than color variations of past jackets. Time for a change.

Challenge #1: More surface design. I had a lot of fun playing with gelatin prints, but hadn't done anything with the resulting pieces since they were not cohesive. This time I'm starting with a gradation of grey fabrics and hope to use warm colored paints. With all the wonderful gardens at my new home I'm bound to find some interesting subjects.
Challenge #2: Using the new large scale bold prints that seem to be all the rage right now. If you look at my work I tend to use prints that read as a solid. Could I make a jacket using big bright and bold modern fabrics? I'm going to give it a shot!
Challenge #3: I bought my first jelly roll! I am a rule maker and tend to make somewhat arbitrary rules such as "only one colorway of a print in a project" or "no purchasing of fabrics meant to go together" so jelly rolls have always been a no-no for me. Well rules are meant to be broken and I aim to see what kind of a jacket I can make from this jelly roll. I hope one jelly roll will be enough :-)
Do you ever challenge yourself? If so, how? Think about it!


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