Monday, January 24, 2011

Road Review

Last Thursday I spent the day (and the evening) at Road to California. I have to say this show gets better every year! The quilts were absolutely AMAZING! Congrats to all who had quilts accepted in the show. It also seemed to me that there were more wearable art entries this year which is always a good thing.

As far as trends go I noticed a few things. There seemed to be an increase in the number of painted quilts. Whether this was total painting or accents painted around the quilting, quite a few of the quilts that drew me in for a "how did they do that" look involved paint. Crystals are still apparent on some of the quilts. Not as many as a few years ago, but crystals are still hot. Realistic applique quilts at Road to California were of amazing caliber. Wish I could do that!

Shopping was great, as usual. Many of the vendors were in their usual spots, but I saw quite a few new ones as well. I managed to stock up on some great new stencils as well as the newest yummy colors of Shiva paintsticks at Embellishment Village. I bought quite a few regular and variegated embroidery threads on the show floor, my favorites being from that Hawaiian booth that has silk ribbon, too. I also remembered to get prizes for the Whisper Quilt competition and some Sulky basting spray for me. A good days shopping :-)

Another new thing at the show was an ice cream bar in the lobby. I had mine for lunch, and got quite a bit of grief from my tablemates about it. It was yummy! But I got the last laugh. When I went out for a break about 3:00 there was a loooong line for ice cream. I'm sure they would have sold even more if they'd had another server.

My class went really well in the evening, but I was so tired when I drove home after a long day at the show followed by teaching it took me 3 days to get my usual energy back. I'm taking next year off from teaching at Road and plan on just enjoying the show. I hope to see you there!



Blogger Linda said...

New to me were the several "brown bird" quilts.

And I agree with you, Lisa, about the overall quality and workmanship. My goodness, there are some amazingly talented quilters out there.

4:05 PM  

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