Friday, January 21, 2011

No Two Are Alike

Here's a picture of my latest jacket (number 93 maybe?). I wore it to Road to California yesterday and a nice lady in my class suggested the name "No Two Are Alike". I had been calling it Snowflakes which I felt was too pedestrian. The snowflakes are fused applique and created by folding freezer paper and cutting paper snowflakes a la kindergarten. It was a lot of fun, but somewhat fussy work. I ironed the snowflakes onto the fabric with Wonder Under on the back side and hand cut them out. I tried to fold the fabric but the thickness prevented getting perfect snowflakes. I used two shades of pink, two of lavender and some gold lame with a fusible woven interfacing on the back to prevent fraying.

I'm uncomfortable using a fusible without stitches the edges down so this time I covered each jacket piece with a cream colored sheer and quilted in metallic gold thread around each snowflake, quilting through the sheer, the background fabric and the flannel "batting", but not the lining fabric.

The sleeves only got a couple of snowflakes therefor I was concerned about the sheer flopping away from the sleeve so I quilted "phantom" snowflakes: outlines without any fabric appliques. This was harder than I expected because the freezer paper snowflake templates I was stitching around didn't fuse well and kept lifting!

I own these 6 snowflake charms which I had intended to add to the jacket front. I'm not sure it needs them. What do you think? Do you think they add or take away from the design?

If nothing else I could probably figure out how to make some dangling earring from the charms :-)


Blogger free indeed said...

Oh! I like it with the charms! Wish I was a smaller size to wear fantastic clothing like that! That is a beauty in it's simplicity!

9:58 AM  

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