Friday, January 28, 2011

How Do You Work?

Some people work on one thing at a time, focusing on that one piece until completion. Other people work on 3 or 4 things, switching between them when they get stuck on one piece. Personally I think this way can lead to many UFOs, but if it works for you...

Me? I'm a combination of both. Sometimes I focus on one piece to the exclusion of all others. The downside of this is that when I finish I need to figure out what to start next. Yes, all my creative energy is going into that one piece and it's likely to be less scattered in its content, but once complete I often find myself not really wanting to start something new. Burnout.

Another problem with this style of working is that there are days (I'll bet you have them, too) when my brain isn't functioning on all cylinders. Creativity, drafting my own designs, etc. just seems like too much work. Those are the days I'm happy to do some grunt sewing or machine quilting, something mindless where I can put on a book-on-tape and go with the flow.

The problem with working on numerous things at once is that I tend to work on the piece I like best. The other projects just get a nod and a little bit of work while the majority of my creativity goes into the favored project. This is the way I'm currently working, but unfortunately I just came off of a single project so all the pieces need designing, drafting, color and fabric selection all at the same time. Today I just want to sew! What's a girl to do?

How do you work? What are the pros and cons for you and your work ethic? Think about it!



Blogger Carol G said...

I like to have projects in various stages of completion, especially because I do a lot of hand piecing and quilting but my hands need some machine work for a rest. Right now I'm hand quilting a bed quilt (hand pieced), machine quilting a machine pieced charity quilt, a hand pieced project is developing on my design wall and I am looking through Ricky Tims' Kool Kaleidoscope book for inspiration for my next machine pieced project. Like you, I don't like to finish a project with no direction in sight.

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