Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steps in Quilting: Pressing

Pressing, I'm not sure it's anyone favorite thing to do, but it makes all the difference in the world. I've tried finger pressing and those little wooden seam pressers and nothing takes the place of real pressing.

Notice I did not say ironing. When you iron you drag the iron across the fabric which can distort the weave. Pressing is a simple up and down motion and does not distort. Its function is to make the fabric stay where you put it.

Steam or no steam? Personally I love steam. It takes the place of extra downward pressure and really makes the piece lay flat. However it is a lot easier to distort the weave if any sideways pressure is applied so you must be extra careful. One problem most of us have with steam is the way so many steam irons spit water onto your fabric. I don't have any solutions to that one. I did own a fabulous steam iron that never spat, but it was while I lived in the Middle East and the electricity was different over there so I couldn't bring it back with me.

I guess if I have to use an iron I'd rather use it on something flat rather than a convoluted blouse so quilting is the way to go, but really I'd rather just put the ironing board away for the rest of my life. No such luck!



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