Monday, November 26, 2012

11 Months of Snowmen

Here are all the snowmen blocks as of our November get-together. They are laid out as they will appear although most will also have sashing.

Dorothy purchased sashing and a border fabric at Rosie's when we were there last week. It's going to be beautiful!
This is my flock of snowmen. I am not using sashing and have a navy background snowman print selected for my border. I will probably also have an as-yet-undecided narrow border.
 Marlys selected her sashing and border before selecting her background fabric. We all agree that having just one background fabric was a very good idea.
 Pat has not yet selected her sashing or border fabric.
 I don't know if Thelma selected a border fabric yet, but she plans on using sashing also.
Veronica has an embroidery machine and will be placing an additional four embroidered blocks on her quilt making it a square quilt.

Just eleven more days until the December blocks are done. We are each making our own December block. I can't wait to see them all!


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