Sunday, April 05, 2009

Elisia has returned to college. We had a great week, if not terribly creative. We watched a lot of tv shows we had recorded, went shopping and spent beaucoup bucks, went out to lunch and dinner a few times and saw Aliens vs. Monsters at the movie theater.

I enjoy watching tv so much more when I watch with her because we can talk about how stupid something is or cry together (all right, I'm bawling and she's slightly tearing up). Even if I've already seen the show I enjoy watching it again with her. Silly, huh? Of course while we're watching we're not just doing nothing. I'm enjoying some hand piecing on my next multi-year jacket project. Elisia found some old crayons from when she was a kidlet and enjoyed coloring so much I printed a few pictures on fabric and gave her free rein with my Tsukineko inks. Who knows... they might just end up in an art quilt someday!

Shopping was much more fun when I instituted a new rule: after I buy her something I don't get her anything else until I buy something. It made it much more fun for me :-) I got fun new sneakers, a Swatch watch, new jeans, etc.

If you're thinking about Aliens vs. Monsters I don't recommend it without the 3-D. Elisia and I both get motion sick so we opted for the tame non-3-D version and it wasn't that good. I'm guessing the raves are because of the 3-D or Imax (or both) effects.

Today I have lots of sewing to do and maybe a little dyeing and discharging, too. I hope to jump right back into creativity!



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