Friday, February 19, 2010

First Attempt

I took the drawing and transferred it to Solvy. Then I placed a dark red sheer, covered by a black tulle under the Solvy drawing and hooped it. I stitched the entire outline of the flower area using wash-away thread. Then I trimmed away the excess red fabric and repeated the process with a green sheer, stitching around the leaves and stem outlines.
After all the excess red and green fabrics were trimmed away I added another layer of black tulle underneath it all. I hooped it again and stitched the entire design using a black thread. Then I trimmed away the excess Solvy and rinsed it.

The experiment was less-than-successful IMO for two reasons. A few holes were snipped in the black tulle and they show up far too much for my liking. Also I didn't think the results were very pretty for all the labor involved. The sheers were somewhat shiny and pretty in different lights, but this was lost when the black tulle covered them.

But the basic idea was to recreate a drawing in several different techniques so on to the next attempt.