Monday, February 01, 2010

House Photos Outside

Now that you've seen a bit of the interior of the new house I thought I'd show you some photos of the exterior. The gardens that came with the house are amazing. Here is the front walkway, plus a glimpse of the view. The house faces south so we get gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to enjoy from the many picture windows.

Another walkway near the side of the house. I hope to add some herbs to the garden on the left since it is near the kitchen.

The shed AKA Pierre's Place. He gets to keep all his toys, oops I mean tools, out there. I toyed with the idea of turning it into a guest house, but he needs his space, too :-)

The front porch. Do all those rockers mean I'm getting old? I love the fact that the floor of the porch is made of a composite that won't ever rot.

And a few pictures of late winter here in southern California. There are literally thousands of bulbs planed on the property.

Iris are one of my favorite flowers.

And naturally we have roses.
We are still planning on an open house, but haven't set a date yet. Parking will be an issue since we only have space for 4 cars and we own 4 cars, but hardy souls can park on the street below and hike up. I walk it 8 times every morning for exercise so you can, too, LOL.



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