Friday, January 22, 2010

Home From Road

I have finally returned from Road to California. I had even more fun this year than last year! Why? Because I did so many different things.

On Monday I helped put up and take down quilts for the photography for the show's CD. I found it to be much easier than I expected (they're really organized!) and the very best way to see the quilts.

On Tuesday I took 2 long arm classes. I don't have a long arm, but I wondered if it was something I'd enjoy eventually. While I enjoyed the classes, particularly the second one where we made confetti fabric, I don't want a long arm. Too much trouble. The machine I was on was in constant need of re-threading or else the bobbin ran out. I could only sew very slowly for most of the class and I thought a long arm would help speed up the process. Nope.

On Wednesday I had the day off, but by noon I was bored and itching for something to do so I went over and helped hang quilts for the show. This was as labor intensive and exhausting as you'd expect, but they were mostly done by the time I arrived. Instead I helped tweak the displays by straightening them out, raising and lowering them, etc. Then I helped with the signs and I even got to pin on ribbons!

Elisia and I attended the Wednesday night preview. I didn't know about it before because it's just for people who take classes and this is the first year I've done that. No vendors were open, but it was interesting to hear what Elisia (a non-quilter) thought about the quilts.

Thursday I got to shop the vendors and Thursday night I taught my class: All That Glitters. We had a great time and made lots of noise, LOL.

Friday I spent the whole day demo-ing Angelina fibers for Embellishment Village. It's just too much fun to be paid to play with someone elses products!

Saturday I shopped and vegged out in my room. I was pretty tired by then ;-)

And Sunday I had an all-day class with Gregory Case on photographing quilts. It was an awesome class, but I was so tired I'm not sure I got all I could out of it.

In the future I'd only take 2 classes, max, and none the last day, LOL. I'd also stay at the Ayres instead of the Doubletree since the beds are much more comfortable and breakfast is included at the Ayres.

All in all I had a fabulous time, but I'm glad to be home again.


Blogger Sarah E. said...

It's good to hear what you'd do differently next time, especially about taking a class on the last day. Thanks! (Glad you had a fab time!)

2:56 PM  

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