Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 10 MMQQ

Here's my Monday Mini Quilt Quickie from August 10. It started with a piece of PFD on which I drew dots with variously colored Sharpie markers. Rubbing alcohol was then applied to get some color migration. It sat in my "what do I do now" pile until I came across it this week.

My son happened to be with me so I had him select a variety of sheers from my stash (many were purchased when we lived in Bahrain where you can get lots of them for very little money). Using paper circle templates I stitched around the sheers then trimmed away the excess. Then I machine trapuntoed them using 2 layers of a polyester batting. Finally I added a low loft cotton batting and quilted it, circling each "bubble" then stippling to make the background recede. I like it and think it's an art quilt, but not your typical dark and tonal art quilt with a deep inspiring message, LOL. I guess I'm not going to be a typical art quilter (grin).

And today I turn 52. Happy Birthday to me! I plan on celebrating by doing whatever I please all day including brownies for breakfast and dinner out tonight with my son (the only one at home this week).

Thanks for reading my blog!


Blogger José said...

Hi Lisa,

This work looks awesome.
Although a bit late, congratulations and may you count many more with health and love in the presence of family and friends.

Kind regards,


12:20 PM  

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