Monday, May 10, 2010

My Treasured Trash

I collected quite a few things from our recycling bin as well as the trash, but I discovered I had too much, LOL! I wanted a totally pieced background so I started out by piecing different colored gum wrappers together. Then I played around with the oatmeal packages until I found something familiar, a quilt block! My original plan was to piece the background then add all the 3-D stuff on top, but I found that it was too busy. So I settled for adding the quarter circles and a bottle cap. Quilting it worried me, but it went fine. I broke one needle, but I was trying to go too fast considering I was quilting through paper on the front aluminum foil on the back and an old washcloth for batting!
Here's a picture of the back. It was fun to play with new materials!


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