Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Digital Books

In a recent discussion someone suggested that in the future many quilting books would be available for viewing on a computer set up in quilt shops. After perusing the digital books the customer may select the one(s) desired and the shop clerk will print it out for you. Or you may purchase your own digital version.

Personally I prefer to keep a paper copy of my reference books, etc. My computer is not in my studio because the dust, lint etc. inherent from working with fabrics is bad for the computer. And I don't like to purchase books I can't see and touch with my hands. Although I may check out books online I'm not likely to purchase them until they arrive at my local quilt store or show. There's something about being able to hold them in my hands, see the quality of the paper and the photos, the thickness of the cover, etc.

What about you? Would you prefer quilt stores to have computers that show you the books they have for sale (they could certainly carry many more of them!) or are you old fashioned like me?



Blogger KathyQuilts said...

I agree with you. I like to see the actual book and if the cover is appealing I will venture inside.
If the quilt shop had only the covers on display to catch my attention then maybe I would go to the computer... if the line wasn't too long!

8:11 AM  

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