Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Lisa

Dear Jane quilts were all the rage a short while ago and while I didn't feel the need to make one, the idea of using small blocks in a jacket definitely made sense. Veronica was kind enough to lend me her book for inspiration.

I chose to make the blocks even smaller: 3 inches. Because of that I limited myself to 9-patch designs. Why drive myself nuts with the math?

When I stipple quilted it I decided to try using black on some portions and metallic gold on other areas. I like the effect of depth it gave the jacket.

In January I'm starting up a mini wearable art quilt group, like a friendship quilt group, but for wearable art. I hope to have lots of new ideas and inspirations, as well as more photos.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa, the jacket has nice tailored lines. Is it a commercial pattern that you'd like to name?

12:50 PM  

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